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Christoph Degendorfer, Co-Founder and CEO, bimspotChristoph Degendorfer, Co-Founder and CEO
Trends may come and go, but only a handful of them end up shaping the world we live in, just like Building Information Modeling (BIM) did.

The days of 2D drawings are over, as the digital era brings with it 3D building information models that deliver bottom-line benefits. While BIM is mostly associated with design and preconstruction, it benefits every phase of the project lifecycle. It allows projects to be built virtually before they are constructed physically, eliminating many of the inefficiencies and problems that arise during the construction process. While the BIM techniques continue to gain steam, the builders are discovering new ways to compete, innovate, and grow profitably even as they face challenges from volatile costs, workforce shortages, proliferating regulations, and a host of evolving risks.

As someone who has spent several years leading a BIM consulting firm, Christoph Degendorfer was quick to notice these challenges and also find a way to unleash the full potential of this method in the BIM project. As a result, bimspot was born. bimspot is rising to these challenges with an aim to mitigate risks and provide the customers with a holistic yet focused understanding of buildings.
bimspot is an online tool powered by a disruptive technology that enables stakeholders to work on a single BIM with their choice of software in real-time. It allows a lifecycle-orientated collaboration with unmatched quality and transparency in the planning, building, and real estate industry. bimspot present a single place where building project teams can collaborate— all working with the same facts, data and visuals from the entire lifecycle of a building—serving as the blueprint for everyone involved, in whatever capacity, to bring the project to life from conception to maintenance. The company additionally brings transparency and ensures quality and efficiency while planning, constructing, and operating a building. According to Degendorfer, co-founder and CEO of bimspot, the software focuses on enabling to better organise the construction and operation of buildings via a digital twin. Construction experts can reduce errors and mitigate project risks by having the information and optimising the processes centrally and in an organised manner.

With discipline checks, bimspot learns how the client’s models behave, provides focused feedback on their current quality, and delivers information about what was changed between the individual versions. A real-time coordination check allows bimspot to ensure the client models are coordinated, and valid data is delivered. With model viewer, clients can share their model views with co-workers enabling a deep joint understanding of how the building works, how issues can be solved and how their ideas can be optimised to achieve project goals. For project success, bimspot visualises the client’s most important performance indicators to be always updated on their project’s health. With purposeful information requirements defined, the company enables the power of integrated workflows by mapping mutual information dependencies in the client team to those requirements.

bimspot also provides an automated real-time information check to give an immediate impression of the information level. With a KPI dashboard, the company calculates the client’s individual key indicators to keep their goals in focus. Aiding through the complex process of planning and building, bimspot enables a deep understanding of processes by collecting all the client tasks and prioritising them in order to achieve progress.

Combining ambition and experience, bimspot has been playing a vital role in the prop tech industry. In the coming years, the company ought to have a decisive impact on the construction industry. The resulting open collaboration of all project stakeholders in order to save time and money and continuously improve quality in construction projects will be creating clear added value in the near future.
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Wien, Vienna

Christoph Degendorfer, Co-Founder and CEO

bimspot presents a disruptive technology for BIM oriented collaboration. For the first time, digital models of a building can be developed independently of an individual choice of software, life cycle oriented, and with clear responsibilities of all stakeholders. bimspot brings transparency and ensures quality and efficiency while planning, constructing, and operating a building. The company was founded in 2018. From its inception onwards, the company with a team of experts specializes in BIM, building information modeling, collaboration, B2B, saas, software as a service, proptech, property tech, IFC, Revit, Archicad, Autodesk, digital twin, digital Zwilling, construction tech, building operations, real estate tech, enterprise software, project management, common data environment, improve model quality, and startup


"bimspot is rising to these challenges with an aim to mitigate risks and provide the customers with a holistic yet focused understanding of buildings"

- Christoph Degendorfer, Co-Founder and CEO

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