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Richard Motto, CEO, Hochtief ViConRichard Motto, CEO
Hand in hand with Building Information Modeling (BIM), digitalisation has also made its way into the construction industry, disrupting the perceptions of design, construction, and project management. The active collaboration and documentation models of BIM have augmented to include expenditure, material management, schedule, maintenance, and operations. BIM is a complex field that uses a language that is distinctly its own, and mastering its complexities while paving the way to the futuristic, innovation-driven construction industry is HOCHTIEF ViCon, one of the leading BIM and virtual construction service provider, enabling their clients and investors to benefit from BIM advantages on their projects.

The Germany-based company provides business processes and technologies to project developers or investors to reduce project risks, costs, and execution time through improved collaboration and communication. Their amazingly simple management solutions pertaining to their services including BIM consulting, BIM management, BIM training, and standardisation of BIM through innovative thinking and research, allows their clients to embark on projects they never thought of acting upon.

Through BIM consultancy services, the company uses requirement analyses to determine the potential BIM might hold for their respective clients and work out a digitalisation strategy on that basis.
As digitalisation specialists, they provide consultations regarding Common Data Environments (CDE) which require multiple software systems to be interlinked and demands constant data exchange. A manufacturer can provide important information concerning the planning, construction and building operations for which the company drafts a concept on how the product information can best be integrated into the building life cycle and develop the required data structures and formats.

When it comes to BIM management, they set up the client’s information management system and install a data integration platform while the client calls the shot and maintains absolute data sovereignty. Field2BIM, their management solution provides one with digital forms on their smartphones, laptop or tablet. Construction engineers, construction managers, and architects are thus enabled to flexibly record data for further processing of project management, controlling and documentation. They also help in using digital building documentation throughout the entire project duration by linking the interactive 3D model with any kind of building information to create a central information model available to all project parties. The information can then be used by Facility Management.

With more than 500 projects worldwide since 2003, they have been involved in world’s largest urban development projects including creation of Lusail City, an artificial city on a desert environment in Qatar where they used BIM in the most efficient manner using a 3D computer model of the city’s infrastructure, including its main supply pipes, which was used on a regular basis as the project was planned and coordinated. In the Nile Corniche project comprising a hotel and residential area on the banks of the river Nile, the company supported planning and coordination processes with a 3D model.

Along with training programs through their BIM Basic User Course offering current discussions around the digitalisation in the construction industry and backgrounds of modern BIM methods, HOCHTIEF ViCon is continuously involved in research projects at the National and European levels. The company supported the “INSITER” project, involving the development of intuitive techniques for independent instruction and self-testing for construction site using BIM and AR. They also provide support for the “VR2WEB” project and, together with the Technical University of Cologne and HHVISION, is developing a communication platform for VR in which BIM models and linked metadata are permuted in a physically accurate context. “I am convinced that HOCHTIEF ViCon will continue to promote the digitalisation in the construction industry on national as well as international markets,” affirms Rene Schumann, the managing director of the company. With their visionary approach to virtual construction and BIM, they have become the pioneers of BIM and continue to be so with relentless ambitions.
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Hochtief ViCon

Paris, France

Richard Motto, CEO

HOCHTIEF ViCon is a leading service provider and consultant for virtual construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a method for optimizing the planning, execution, and operation of buildings with the help of 3D computer models and the associated database. They advise and assist their clients in the use of intelligent 3D computer models to minimize risks early on, communicate effectively, and save cost. In the areas of building construction and infrastructure projects, they supply developers and projects with sophisticated hardware and software solutions, training, tried-and-tested processes, and the provision of project-specific standards. As BIM consultants, we are involved in various projects in Europe, MENA, and Australia

Hochtief ViCon

"I am convinced that HOCHTIEF ViCon will continue to promote the digitalisation in the construction industry on national as well as international markets"

- Richard Motto, CEO

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