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Rob Parker, CEO, The Cadmen LtdRob Parker, CEO
The pieces of a jigsaw puzzle form a complete, meaningful picture only when they come together. In the same way, a successful construction project requires an integrated view of the different aspects of the process. This can be achieved only when there is a seamless collaboration between the different stakeholders involved in the project. This can however be difficult to achieve when the project comprises several contractors with each of them having different information models. In order to achieve the desired result, there needs to be coordination amongst the contractors to facilitate a cohesive information model.

The AEC sector is constantly shifting its focus towards the ‘I’ (information) of BIM and this is where ‘The Cadmen Ltd’—a Wales-based CAD/BIM outsourcing company— cements its cornerstone. It’s unparalleled adaptability and attention to detail in BIM makes it an optimal choice for construction project managers working on small domestic dwellings or multi-million-pound projects.

Although building services poses as a largely invisible element of the construction industry, it is critical for the design, manufacture, and installation of all of the engineering systems that make the building comfortable, safe, and pleasant to be in. The Cadmen Ltd, with its team of highly skilled engineers, makes this happen by applying their scientific and innovative principles into the building services process.

As the name suggests, The Cadmen Ltd started its journey with MEP CAD drafting services, before becoming a popular CAD/BIM outsourcing destination for both small scale and large scale construction projects. The company specialises in building services engineering, assisting contractors, consultants, and construction companies to enhance their projects while reducing overheads. The mechanical and electrical engineers at The Cadmen Ltd deliver high-quality drawings with a quick turnaround time, thus streamlining the design phase.
Over the years, the company has branched out into new areas of the business to include MEP Revit family production, point cloud modelling services and virtual reality (VR) capabilities to meet the client’s needs better. Whether it is a minor amendment to an existing model or developing new projects from the word go, The Cadmen Ltd assists its clients through every stage of their project. “We work closely with our customers and always leverage our knowledge to ensure we are able to provide the highest quality models.” says Rob Parker, CEO of The Cadmen Ltd.

However, Rob believes that BIM is more than just a digital representation of architecture. It is about utilising knowledge and insight to create a seamless, collaborative design model and this is what The Cadmen Ltd brings into the industry. The services offered by The Cadmen Ltd helps clients navigate the long-standing roadblocks of the construction sector. According to Rob, one of the biggest challenges is the availability of Revit families directly from the manufacturers. The clusters of components that form Revit families are the building blocks in BIM, and hence, are crucial for ensuring the accuracy and exactness of the project. The Cadmen Ltd mitigates this issue by producing the Revit family themselves. This additionally helps clients develop their own Revit family catalogues.

Furthermore, The Cadmen Ltd utilises Navisworks, Revizto, and Revit Live VR to offer robust 3D design packages. Tools used for design review allows users to open and combine 3D models, navigate them in real-time and review them which facilitates seamless clash detection and on-site coordination.

The diligence and versatility of The Cadmen Ltd has been acclaimed by many companies and attested by its successful partnerships, one of which was a complete renovation project of a derelict building. The original plans for the project were in 2D. The Cadmen Ltd were employed to carry out a thorough site survey of the existing structure and asked to developed the architectural, structural and MEP models for coordination. By effectively collating this information and developing the models in Revit, the company handed over the integrated model within the specified time, which streamlined the entire construction process.

Equipped with such powerful tools and software, The Cadmen Ltd is making significant progress in the construction industry. Currently, it is working on power stations, hospitals, schools, office blocks, manufacturing plants, and projects alike. By collaborating closely with the customers, these productive partnerships over the years have motivated The Cadmen Ltd to expand and grow. The next step for the company is to integrate point cloud, drone, and laser scanning techniques, as these will further enhance the accuracy of model production during the later stages of projects. With the intention of further augmenting its functionalities in the construction sector, the company is poised to onboard new talent and expand its services overseas, especially in the U.S.
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The Cadmen Ltd

Cardiff, Wales

Rob Parker, CEO

The Cadmen Ltd offers professional MEP and CAD services for the construction industry. It employs qualified mechanical and electrical engineers to provide clients with a variety of services to assist them through the projects. The high-quality drawings and quick turnaround offered by the Cadmen Ltd has gained them recognition among its clients. The company provides assistance for the management of both large and small scale projects, including approval, construction, and online data management. With the expertise of working on multiple construction sites, the Cadmen Ltd possesses extensive knowledge in the industry.

"The company specialises in building services engineering, assisting contractors, consultants, and construction companies to enhance their projects while reducing overheads"

- Rob Parker, CEO

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