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Top 10 Building Information Modeling Services Companies In Europe - 2022

Despite the fact that the earliest BIM applications date back to the 1990s, global BIM adoption rates have only reached 60 to 70% in the last 35 years. Nonetheless, BIM holds a lot of promise for enhancing performance in the building business. A trend toward off-site production, technical advancements in Artificial Intelligence, and expanded collaboration opportunities have further enhanced the use of Sophisticated BIM technologies. In retrospect, BIM has made it simpler for architects, engineers, and contractors to interact successfully with project owners, and it has provided a number of incredible benefits.

Several private companies have begun the adoption of BIM at every stage of the construction process. This includes employing it in the pre-construction planning phase, which is critical for establishing project’s overall costs and ensuring that all stakeholders are on board before construction begins. As a result, BIM assists architecture teams with better communication, cost calculation and project model viewing. In addition, several companies are utilizing prefabrication and BIM mesh to build thermal models and make calculations relating to the structure. Incorporating BIM technology aids in the development of building variations from the planning stage through the completion of the project.

To help construction companies in the task of finding accomplished consulting/ services companies to help them navigate the building information modelling realm, we present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Building Information Modeling Services Companies In Europe - 2022.”

    Top Building Information Modeling Services Companies In Europe

  • Offering highly specialized support in different technologies to help customers optimize and integrate their processes. As Crystal BIM Solutions Ltd. offered highly specialized support in different technologies to help customers optimize and integrate their processes, it was only natural for the company to enter the BIM space. The company believes that Industry 4.0, Construction 4.0 and Economics 4.0 will drive corporations toward “SMART” and BIM will be an important part of the future Enterprise 4.0.

  • AEC Design

    AEC Design

    AEC Design (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Design) is an Architectural, Civil Engineering Construction and Design Practice. In its approach it uses the latest BIM, CAD and modelling tools to produce their projects and design. In construction, it work closely with its partners who can deliver a client's project to its final product.

  • Belvedere Architecture

    Belvedere Architecture

    Belvedere Architecture is an integral part of the architectural scene in Luxembourg and also active within the greater region. The architectural studio offers a full range of architectural and urban design services. Its creative identity is based on important ecological and ethical values. Throughout the planning and construction process, the company ensures an open and transparent exchange with its clients, but also with the professionals involved in the project.

  • bim + partners

    bim + partners

    bim+partners is an experienced worldwide BIM consultancy with vast experience in big international BIM projects, and can simplify BIM for clients

  • BIMaking Engineering

    BIMaking Engineering

    BIMaking Engineering is an established and innovative Consultancy Office, specialized in BIM technologies and Virtual Reality Services, focused on the best practices of Digital Twins and Generative Design. After many years within the AEC industries, focusing on BIM Management, Architectural Services, Industrial and Site production, Health and Safety Related Problems and MEP’s design, BIMaking has focused his attention to the new technologies related with Artificial Intelligence ( VR – AR – MR), related to the Construction field.


    With 20 years of experience in BIM modelling, coordination and management, offers to support clients with their architectural project using the BIM method. Clients can take advantage of its unique experience to support them in this new mode of design and production, and create a BIM charter specific to their needs

  • BO Architecture

    BO Architecture

    BO Architecture is a group of individuals with creative design skills and have the capacity to employ cutting-edge BIM technology. The company offers conversion og 2D drawings to 3D BIM Arch modeling, constructability reviews, BIM coordination, and many more.

  • DPS Group Global

    DPS Group Global

    DPS delivers Full Service Engineering with a ‘client first’ mentality and personal touch across a range of disciplines: Project and Programme Management, Procurement, Design, Construction Management, Health & Safety Management, Commissioning, Qualification and Start-up. The company has one goal: to deliver more than a client expects the first time, every time. DPS has been serving industry around the world for 47 years, relied on for its agility, original thinking, sound judgement and high-calibre people. What sets it apart is the rapport it builds with clients and the care it takes to gain a fundamental understanding of their businesses and how they operate.

  • Incide Engineering

    Incide Engineering

    Incide Engineering, an international and multidisciplinary engineering company with over 20 years of experience and over 60 technicians including structural engineers, architects, designers of electrical and mechanical systems and specialists in the facade sector, guarantees customer stablity and mutually satisfying professional relationships. Incide Engineering is able to autonomously and completely develop the various and complex engineering design problems applied to the various sectors and disciplines addressed.



    TREEGRAM structures a client's data for more transparency and intuitivity across software. It builds their stakeholders a quick and autonomous access to a BIM ecosystem, optimized for any discipline. It also helps clients produce the data, so that all of their collaborators can focus on their actual job and expertise.

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