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Top 5 BIM Consulting/Service Companies in UK 2020

In the past, blueprints and hand-drawn sketches were used to express information about a particular building plan. This two-dimensional approach made it very difficult to visualize appropriate requirements. After the introduction of CAD (Computer Aided Design), people saw the benefit of planning in a digital environment. Later on, CAD turned three-dimensional, which brought more realistic visuals to blueprints. Now, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the set benchmark, being more than just a 3D model.

Because of sheer benefits, BIM is here to stay. Furthermore, BIM has defined goals and objectives that are beneficial to all those who work their way through the levels. Undoubtedly, the future of construction will be even more highly collaborative and digital. As BIM becomes increasingly sophisticated, 4D, 5D, and even 6D BIM will start to play a part in the process. There is a global attempt to reduce waste in construction. Much of this is attributed to supply chain inefficiencies, clashes, and reworking. By working collaboratively in a BIM environment, all of this becomes much less likely, setting the stage for a better tomorrow. Clearly, BIM’s impact now extends across a wide range of stakeholders in design, construction and operations. Interested in learning how BIM impacts various construction roles including architects, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, Construction Tech Review’s editorial team has assessed and shortlisted the most excellent BIM Service Providers. To help enterprises and leaders select the best BIM service providers and advance their business initiatives, we present to you “Top 5 BIM Consulting/Service Companies in UK 2020”.

    Top BIM Consulting/Service Companies in UK

  • The Cadmen Ltd offers professional MEP and CAD services for the construction industry. It employs qualified mechanical and electrical engineers to provide clients with a variety of services to assist them through the projects. The high-quality drawings and quick turnaround offered by the Cadmen Ltd has gained them recognition among its clients. The company provides assistance for the management of both large and small scale projects, including approval, construction, and online data management. With the expertise of working on multiple construction sites, the Cadmen Ltd possesses extensive knowledge in the industry.

  • Bimbox


    BIMBox is a dedicated team of professionals with backgrounds in Architecture, Technology, Surveying, Interior Design, and Education. The company supports Estate Owners, Local Authorities, Contractors, Designers, and Manufacturers to leverage the advantages available to their businesses through the successful application of BIM & Digital Construction procedures. The company also prioritizes Digital Construction as it is one of the better ways to deliver projects. Operating nationwide, they are continuously reviewing developments in the sector so that they can continue to provide the clients with clear, practical advice that gives measurable results

  • Evolve Consulting

    Evolve Consulting

    Evolve is one of the UK’s premier BIM and design technology consultancies. This is an internationally renowned consultancy and was formed in 2005, becoming incorporated in 2007. The company provides support and development services to the construction industry. They also deliver consulting services and support to clients, contractors, architects, and engineers in the UK, the US, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. Evolve also offers the experience required for the design, development, and implementation of technology-enabled data production processes, preparing the way for new methods of working. Moreover, the company aims to implement technology to support the business needs, reduce risk and maximize productivity, and many more

  • Fbim


    Installation drawings are critical on a project, and they must be accurate and clear to enable a smooth installation process for the Mechanical and Electrical Contractors on site. Future BIM has many years of experience in this field and specializes in taking Consulting Engineers Designs in 2D and Revit MEP format and developing them up to Construction level documentation. Their construction modeling is done in Revit MEP by the experienced Coordinators with all equipment modeled precisely to the technical submittals and datasheets for the project, always allowing for the appropriate access and spatial installation requirements

  • Sterlingbim


    Sterling BIM is a multi-disciplinary in-house team within Mid-Group and consists of Project Managers, Design Managers, Model Managers, and Consultants. They are based in London and Amman and work across sectors, all stages of construction projects, and both directly for Clients and Main Contractors. The company also delivers a wide range of services with BIM at the centre. They create new methods to develop further how BIM is used and shared. The company takes the time to understand the needs of its clients and ensure they are met. They also fully adapt the BIM on all projects within the Mid Group and delivers excellence at every stage of the project life-cycle

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